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That’s why we love performance marketing. It ensures our clients only pay for results. If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay.


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That’s why we extensively test and vet all products and services before passing them on to affiliate partners. You’re primed for success with the best assets, data and support.

Building a Bridge
to Success for a
Wireless Charger

Verve Direct generated a series of new assets and overhauled a client’s sales funnel for their latest product, a wireless charger. After a round of successful internal media buys, the team scaled the product to its vast network of global affiliates.

In the first four months following the product’s debut, sales reached five digits and revenue increased even further to . . .

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Driving Global Sales
for a TV Antenna

At the start of 2017, sales of a client’s TV antenna brand were uninspiring.

Verve Direct’s internal media buying team undertook extensive creative and marketing testing, including markets outside the U.S. Once the front-end was optimized, the team scaled the product to its network of global affiliates.

This was a million dollar idea, because in two full years of international and U.S. sales, the brand saw revenues of more than . . .

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Rebranding a
Reflexology Product

A client’s reflexology insoles were not selling at the volume originally anticipated.

Verve Direct’s internal media buying team rebranded the product, launched a full new line marketing assets and conducted several front-end optimizations.

Now, as sales figures approach five figures, our client sees daily revenues of more than . . .

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    We analyze brand and targeting info, establish the best marketing strategy, and price the model to enable conversions.

    We place and test platform pixels, share analytics and ensure sales tracking functions properly.

    Together, we analyze key metrics, brainstorm additional marketing angles and confirm scalable pricing models.
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    We open your brand and assets to our global network of 3,000+ affiliate marketers.


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